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A skillful personal assistant at an arm's reach... from 13,900THB

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BizWings Online Assistants

BizWings Online Assistants are a group of experts and professionals specializing in Business in Thailand.

Enabling direct communication between you and these specialists, we aim to be a cost-effective, and smoother alternative to hiring an employee in-house.
Working from Home

Remote Assistant

Request work to a remote assistant any time, anywhere, and in any circumstance.

Public Work Space

High Level of Expertise

With our assistants who are experts in their own field, you can rest assured that the work you requested is of high quality.


English & Thai Support

Our assistants are ready to help in both English and Thai depending on your needs.

Calculate Savings

Cost Effective

Subscription periods start from as short as 1 month, releasing you from the HR management jobs that we all dread.


Have you faced any of these challenges in running your business in Thailand?

  • Lack of clarity about the work being done because of lack of transparency.

  • There's always a "Thai Way" that must be followed, so things can be confusing for non-Thai speakers.

  • Parts of operations have become a Black Box, essentially unable to control.

  • Hiring skilled English-speaking staff is expensive.

  • The output of work was not what was requested, or the quality was inconsistent.

  • Requests for work were inadequately communicated, leading to misunderstandings.

  • High turnover, and corresponding reeducation of new employees to replace those who left.

  • Need for close supervision to make sure that work is done properly.

  • Require flexible hiring of staff for individual projects.

  • Want to hire new expatriate staff, but visa issues prevents proper employment.

  • Preparing documents take up too much of my time.

Video Conference

COVID-Related challenges

  • Working from home prevents efficient communication and work flow.

  • Instability from the pandemic prevents many hiring decision from being made.

  • Many work processes can be handled remotely and online, but don't have enough time to handle them.

  • The pandemic situation hindered any expansion, but we want to make travelling preparations before restrictions are lifted.

  • Annual inspections of overseas branches and collaborators are obstructed by travel restrictions. We wish to maintain a good connection with them through online meetings.

BizWings can help with that too

How it works

Clients can request us to handle any task whenever they want using Emails and Text messages.

BizWings Assistants will perform with professionalism and expertise.

Service Flow_ENG.png

What's the difference?


BizWings Assistant

〇 Not Required
Clients pay on a time-taken basis.

In-house Employee

✕ Requires close supervision to prevent slacking off.

HR Management

BizWings Assistant

〇 Not Required
Assistants under BizWings employment

In-house Employee

✕ Requires extensive hiring and training process. Risk of Turnover.

Costs & Expenses

BizWings Assistant

〇 Low
Starting from 13,900 THB (20 Hours)

In-house Employee

✕ High

At least 40,000 THB to hire a decent employee ※

Language Barrier

BizWings Assistant

〇 None
Main Representative is fluent in English

In-house Employee

✕ Highly dependent on the individual.


BizWings Assistant

〇 Excellent

Work is handled by professionals in their own fields

In-house Employee

✕ Highly dependent on the individual, and only person handles the work.

※35,000 THB base salary + 2 Months worth of bonus payments.


About Us


Accounting & Audit

  • Financial and Tax Bookkeeping

  • Management Support

  • Tax Filing Support

  • Audit Reports

Business Management Support

  • Preparation of Management Reports for Parent Company

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Internal Audit

  • Financial and Tax due diligence

  • Company Establishment

  • Visa & Work Permit Declaration

  • Payroll Calculation

  • Personal Income Tax Return

Compliance Services

Expansion Support

  • Feasibility Study Support

    Researches on local Laws and Regulations

    Business Plan Formulation

    Local Market Research

    Japanese, English, and Thai Translations

BizWings is a one-stop service center for all your management needs.

With our team of experts in the Thai business field led by a Japanese CPA and MBA, we can be your "Wingman" in running your business, be it from bookkeeping needs, or regulatory support.

What can we do?

Our Online Assistance service covers a wide range of services. Below are some examples.


Web Platforms

SNS Maintenance

Website Management
Website Outsourcing

Image Editing
Document Preparation


HR Service


Employment Processes
Payroll Calculation

Job Openings Management


Secretarial Work

Bookings & Reservations
Internal Document


Document Translation



Transfers & Payments
Expense Calculation

Invoice Issuance

Bookkeeping Support

Rulings and Law Research


The 4 Benefits of BW Assistants


​High-skilled staff possessing a wide array of knowledge

BW Assistants can offer valuable advice based on their expert opinion and extensive knowledge base regarding business in Thailand.

Flexible Payment Planning

Simple Cost Management

​All work can be easily controlled and no unexpected expenses will ever occur thanks to the time-based work process. Plans can be flexibly extended or changed depending on your needs.

busy office

Freedom from tedious HR processes

You can escape from tedious hiring processes, from the initial interview and employment contract to the training, and even the most troublesome: Termination.


Transparency of Work processes

Outsourcing the complex, and sometimes even ambiguous tasks can raise efficiency and transparency of the whole business process. Helping you focus on the important matters.


Customer Testimonials

Avatar 108.png


BizWings Assistants were really flexible even when working remotely using our company terminals.

Avatar 99


They are a multilingual bunch, so it's really simple to request for tasks and projects.

Avatar 108.png


There's no need for in-house training, and the fact that I can request tasks flexibly based on fluid contracts is a big advantage in terms of managing expenses.

Avatar 108.png


Their work is not just limited to accounting and finances, but also supports us in the complex processes associated with regulatory bodies


Frequently Asked Questions

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I would like to outsource general admin work and accounting, but I am not sure how much I can outsource.

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I would like you to manage schedules with business partners and customers. How can you handle this?

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I am worried about managing internal data and trade secrets.

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We can only use a company-designated device to key in some information. What should we do?

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When I request for in-house translation of messages and documents from executives and the head office in Japan, the nuances are different or the translation is wrong in certain instances.

BizWings Assistants are more cost-effective than hiring
competent English-speakers in-house

The assistant service ranges from the free Trial plan to the 50-hour plan to fit every clients' needs.
Other plans are available upon negotiation.







2 Weeks

2 Hours


20-Hour Plan




13,900 THB

1 Month

20 Hours


30-Hour Plan




19,900 THB

1 Month

30 Hours


50-Hour Plan




29,900 THB

1 Month

50 Hours

Terms and Conditions​

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Induction Steps

Contact us from the inquiry form below
Conduct web interview to discuss work details
Begin free trial
Contract conclusion & payment
Start of paid plan
Induction Steps

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BW Assistants Inquiry Form

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