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Our Services

BizWings provides one-stop professional services. We are committed to providing continuous high quality services that exceed our clients expectations. We aim to be our clients' trustworthy and reliable partner in doing business in Thailand.

Our services are listed below: 

Accounting Outsourcing


Prepare monthly and annual financial statements in full compliance with Thai Accounting Standards. Our deliverable outputs include but are not limited to, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance and Details of Accounts.

Prepare relevant tax filings to ensure your company stays at full compliance with local laws. The filings include, among others, Withholding Tax, Value Added Tax, Corporate Income Tax.

We can also provide support for management accounting, management reports and various forms of financial analysis to support your internal management decisions or communicate with your group companies. Budgeting and Forecasting services are also available for any businesses or projects you may have.



Through our Auditing partner, BizWings Audit (Thailand) Co., Ltd., we can provide financial statement auditing service for a limited company, registered partnership, branch, representative office, regional office of a foreign corporation, joint venture or BOI promoted companies according to Thai Accounting Standards.


With a managing director who is a Thai CPA with over 20-years of experience in Accounting and Auditing, combined with the communication support from our BizWings’ team, we can make your auditing process as smooth as possible.

Company Establishment
MicrosoftTeams-image (7)_edited.jpg


Recruitment and Selection

We provide end-to-end recruitment support service that ensures you hire the right talent for your company. Some of the tasks covered include, but not limited to, manpower planning, crafting job descriptions, listing the job position and finding the required candidate, contact and make an appointment for first screening interview date with the recruiter. We also support contract drafting, including specific clauses (e.g., confidentiality, non-competing), employee profile handling and consultation for compensation and termination in compliance with relevant Thai laws.  

Visa and Work Permit

We support all relevant tasks related to visa and work permit matters in Thailand, including but not limited to, acquiring, extending and cancelling visas for expats and their families, as well as work permit for foreigners working in Thailand. We also provide support reporting any changes to the immigration offices, such as correcting visa entry stamps or 90 days reporting.   


HR Policies Support

We prepare Human resource policies for your organization in full compliance with Thai law. The HR policies include, among others, Work Rules, Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy, Code of Conduct. Our tailored HR policies are written considering the industry, company size, culture, and any other relevant factors.  

Payroll Calculation

We provide accurate calculation information for Tax and Social Security Funds in Thailand for all employees. We ensure that our calculation methods are regularly updated to keep up with relevant laws in Thailand. We also provide support for Tax ID and Social Security ID acquisition, as well as monthly and annual reporting to relevant government offices. The reports include, among others, PND.1, PND.1.Kor, SPS.1-10, or Tor.20 Kor.


  • We support establishment of both normal businesses as well as the BOI-Promoted businesses.

  • Support for foreign business license acquisition for specialized businesses.

  • Registration of your business to relevant government offices such as the Revenue Department, Social Security Office, among others.

HR Support
Business Management Support


Preparation of Management Reports for Parent Company

We can prepare financial management reports required by parent company abroad for both statutory and managerial purposes.

Cash Flow Management

We can support your cash flow management with our deep understanding of your business landscape and our strong financial modeling capabilities.


Internal Audit

We can conduct internal audit tailored to your management requirements. We will not only evaluate the efficiency of your current workflow, but also provide practical advice on how to improve it.


Financial and Tax due diligence

We know that a deep understanding of potential targets for M&A deals is crucial in order to lead it to success. Our tailor made accounting and tax due diligence will support you to achieve success in the deals.

Expansion within Thailand


Feasibility Study Support

We understand that starting up or expanding a business takes immense risk. Our feasibility study can help you explore your options and expose any risks involved so that you can make the safest decisions.


Researches on local Laws and Regulations

With constantly updating laws and regulations, keeping up with the latest information can be a tedious task in Thailand. We can help you keep up to date on any relevant laws or regulations through our Thai experts.


Business Plan Formulation

Careful planning is required for any business to be successful. However, in this constantly shifting business world, the factors to consider are endless. We can help you formulate this complex flow of information into a single manageable report.  


Local Market Research

Our experts can gather the most accurate and recent information to support your needs in running a business. Our team diversity enables us to conduct research from multiple angles to provide you a more comprehensive report.


Acquisition and Analysis of Financial Statements of Local Joint Ventures and Business Partners

We will help you keep track of your performance and explore any issues or challenges facing your company, offering solutions if required.


Japanese, English, and Thai Translations

Our knowledgeable and diverse staff will handle all of your translation needs.

Overseas Expansion


As an independent member of PrimeGlobal, we BizWings have a global network to support your aspiration to make your business happen beyond Thailand.

Online Assistant
Hard at Work


To support your management needs, you can request any work to our BizWings Online assistants, which are a group of experts and professionals specializing in Business in Thailand. Our OA covers a wide variety of services, including, but not limited to, web platforms support, HR service, corporate secretarial services and accounting outsourcing. 

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